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Red Devil Football Thanksgiving Game Primer

Up Next for the Red Devils

Well it all boils down to this, the final game of the 2014 football season for the Red Devils.  This one couldn’t be bigger.  The Red Devils will travel up to the other end of town on Wednesday night to cap off their 2014 campaign against their cross-town rivals Bunnell. 

                  Each team will come into the game with a 5-5 record.  Each team has gone through their share of struggles this season.  Each team has its sights set on a winning season, being town champs and of course bragging rights for the next 364 days.  However, rivalry games take on something bigger.  They take on the idea that we can’t have a rivalry game without both sides.  Each team needs the other to come out and perform to their best in order to make the rivalry fun and worthwhile.  Where would Muhammad Ali be without Joe Frasier?  Where would the Red Sox be without the Yankees?  Where would Army be without Navy?  In each of these instances, one could not be as great as it has been without the other.  This year, the rivalry for the town of Stratford needs to reclaim this identity.  Both sides of the rivalry need to realize and understand that the fans definitely want a tough, hard fought, fair game, but they want it between the whistles and within the guidelines of the game.  When it is all said and done, we are all residents of Stratford.  We all want the best for this town.  We all should respect the other side.  Even though there have been some fights in the Yankees/ Red Sox history they still respect each other.  Even though for many years Joe Frasier and Muhammad Ali hated each other, as time went on they came to realize why they needed each other.  After last year’s unfortunate turnout, both sides need to look into the rivalry and realize they need each other to make this the great rivalry that it is.

                  Offensively, the Bulldogs are a spread team.  They like to throw the football and their QB has been towards the top of the league in passing yardage.  They have several very athletic receivers.  The will mix in the run, but that is not their predominant threat.  Stratford’s defense will need to get pressure on the QB and do a good job with the secondary to eliminate the big plays.

                  Defensively, Bunnell has played a four man front for much of the year.  They have some decent size up front and have some solid linebackers.  They know that Stratford likes to run the football so don’t be surprised to see Bunnell have 8 men in the box.  Stratford will need their offensive line to step up and have a big game. 

                  Football on Thanksgiving is a treat that the people of Connecticut enjoy.  It is a time to get together in the brisk air, see old friends, remember old times, and have fun watching a great rivalry.  Just as all of those great rivalries that have come before it though, everyone needs to see and realize that both sides need each other and we should all keep it clean.  Game time is 7 PM Wednesday night at Bunnell.


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