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Red Devil Football Week #7 Primer

Up Next for the Red Devils

The Red Devils are in an interesting place after last week’s win over Watertown.  It has been a long time since this program has won four games in a row, but what might be even better is that it has been a really long time since the team could look at a win and not be satisfied with their performance.  That is something that Coach Cavaliere’s team will need to deal with this week.  They know that they did not play their best football in the first half of the 33-8 blowout of Watertown.  They sank to the level of their opponent and that hopefully is a lesson learned for this team.  With all that said, they are now 4-2 and have a legitimate chance to win 5 in a row this week.

                  The Devils will be coming home to the friendly confines of Penders’ Field for the first time in four weeks.  It is a big week since it is homecoming.  Alumni will be back, the school is excited, the stands should have a nice turnout and now it is up to Stratford to show up and put on a strong performance for their home crowd.  The opponent this week is the Lancers of Notre Dame of Fairfield.   Notre Dame comes into this game with a 1-5 record.  However, that win came last week in dramatic come from behind fashion.  The Lancers are hoping to parlay that excitement and momentum into a bid for an upset over Stratford. 

                  Offensively, the Lancers will use a few different formations to try to put up some points.  They are primarily a spread team with four wide receivers on the field.  They have a big bruiser of a running back in #25.  They like to hammer him up the middle and when you add extra people to the box to stop him they want to throw the ball over the top.  However, they will mix in a little of the hammer formation that Stratford saw last week against Watertown.  In the two TE and 3 back set, they will feed #25 up the middle or try to get #32 or #26 the ball off tackle or to the edge.  Stratford will need to be well versed in both attacks.  They need to be aware of player packages that are coming into the game as different quarterbacks run the different sets.

                  Defensively, Notre Dame is using a 3-4 base defense.  Stratford has seen this defense several times throughout the course of the season.  The Lancers have shown that they like to bring early pressure and test you up front in the beginning of the game.  After that they back off a little and sit and play defense.  This is based off of looks against spread teams though.  Expect to see Notre Dame have five men at the Line of Scrimmage, two linebackers and two safeties that are playing close to the line.  The Lancers are not overly impressive up front, but do have two big linebackers that can play.  Stratford needs to continue to use their formula of wearing out opponents and hurting them late in the game.

                  Home coming is always an exciting game of the year.  Large crowds, good music from the band, excitement from the cheerleaders and dance team and hope of putting on a show in front of your fans.  Who could ask for any more?  Come out and support your 2014 Red Devils and cheer them on to another victory Friday night at 7 PM at Penders’ Field.


Tuesday 10/21 Girls Swimming Senior Night vs. Bunnell
7PM at Flood Middle School

Wednesday 10/22 Girls & Boys Soccer Senior Night
5PM & 7PM at Penders Field

Tuesday 10/23 Girls Volleyball Senior Night vs. Jonathan Law
6PM at Stratford High School Gymnasium

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